distro... english !
Yes another diy distro but this one is working out with my zine in english which is really focused on ‘exotic’ countries especially Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines. I think that I distro some tapes which are very dificult to find or I even re-release stuff here, read elsewhere! Send well hidden cash with euros or us$, for registred get in touch..


WEIGHT let’s say: cd=100g   ep=70g   lp=300g


100g=1 E    200g=2 E    300g=2,45 E     400g=2,75 E    500g=3 E    750g=4,6 E    1kg=5,3 E

FOR OTHERS EUROPEAN COUNTRIES (almost the same price)

100g=1,15 E    200g=2 E    300g=2,6 E    400g=2,9 E  500g=3,2 E     750g=4,7 E   1Kg=5,5 E

For NORTH AMERICA it’s expensive, slow postage. 

100g=$1  200g=$2  300g/400g=$3  500g=$3.3  normally small packages are taking less than one month so maybe it is better to send 2 packages cos bigger ones can take almost 2 months.

Others places better get in touch.              Send euros or u.s dollars 1us$=0,9e

First here are some stuff from asia

Yes! after a little trip in the far east, to check out, as well, if there were as many bands as some people were trying to convince me and if the sound quality was really better than the demos we got some years ago I’ve decided to distribute the tapes I brought back. I have to say that over there there are a lot of very nice people which are suffering isolation, coming from poverty or the lack of interest from their western counterparts and the fucking postage fees. Yes I am warning you, like the postage costs are very high the tapes I’m distributing are ‘just’ copies that I am doing myself (not with shitty stuff !) and colour photocopies but the end result is very nice, seriously! Like this it is costing (without postage) 2,5 e and not 5 e if you try to get them there plus many are sold out now...plus following what is going on in the incredibly huge indonesian scene is not that easy especially if you don’t speak a bit indonesian. So I try to make a solid link between there and here.

Another stuff: I’m doing around 0,8 e benefice to help my friends there.

All the tapes really have a good sound and many have a coloured layout or black & white. If there are the lyrics I talk about it. Some bands have a nationalist/communist edge which doesn’t mean racism or fascism, read the notice elsewhere at the end.                      

-back to the top-

ALL THE TAPES ARE COSTING 2,5 EUROS or u.s.$2,7 (without postage)

_A.C.A.B.  Unite&Fight ep/Demo 95’ Oi! legend from Malaysia, really very good music but unfortunately no texts, anti-racists for sure, with a reggae ska song, pictures, 9t Malaysia
_ANTI SQUAD ‘Indonesian Proud’  great oi! with a big voice, good chorus & melodies, read the notice for their nationalism, they are also very nice, unreadable lyrics, pictures, 14t Indonesia
_ALLNATIONDEATH ‘Neo Imperialism’  here we have brutal music à la dropdead, one of the few bands from jakarta with very political lyrics,sound as well-done as powerful,2 beurghh voices,20t Indonesia
_THE BABIES ‘Malang City Punk Rockers’  they must have listened a lot to the sex pistols& sid vicious cos their music is closed to them,lyrics which do not seem stupid, just an explanation, picture 14t Indonesia
_THE BLADES‘That’s What we call Pride’ mid tempo oi! aggressive guitar,cliché lyrics,pictures,9t malasia
_BLACK BOOTS ‘Keras Kepala’ aggressive anarcho-punk with anti ‘chaos punk’ lyrics sometimes sung in their language, sound like 80 finnish hc or aus rotten socool, 16t Indonesia
_BLIND TO SEE Sadar’  really very close to youth of today, even better for me, they cover them, very good sound, lyrics, many pictures and many xxx ! 14t Indonesia
_THE CLOWN ‘Status Quo’ musically maybe the best punk band on my distro, a bit technical but fast enough, some say they sometimes sound like dead k. with a street punk touch, 13 t Indonesia
_DISLIKE ‘Distrust’ Jakarta’s legend! Fast with low and screaming voice, a bit dirty sound, messy as well. Not crust but not far from it... lyrics in indonesian and sometimes in english and they are not funny! 14 title tape
_THE END ‘Made in Indonesia’ Street punk with kind of unplugged guitar, so melodic and well done, read the notice for their nationalism, picture, sham 69 cover, 10t Indonesia
_CRYPTICAL DEATH ‘Fight,Survive,Existence’ beuh beuhrghh lyrics, fast & slow parts,a bit of death crust ? Double pedal. Often pessimistic lyrics like war,control,exploitation,interesting cos they seem motivated,big colour pictures, 16t Indonesia
_FSF Tolerate no More’  very interesting cos it is a great blend of old school with a street punk touch! Very energic and check out the lyrics, good production10t malaysia
_THE GLASNOST ‘We Still Fight and Against’ all out soviet propaganda, from Jakarta, scaring! Punk a bit street punk, mid empo and powerful guitar. No lyrics! Only pictures. Great music! 10t Indonésie
_THE GROSS ‘Freedom’ very close to the oppressed but less raw than their begining and less slow than their last stuff . It’s good! ultra violence is covered... No lyrics but pictures, straight from Indonesia. Tape, 12 songs. 
_KEEP ON ‘Princess of Oi!’ 4 girls from Jakarta’s suburbs are doing melodic street punk, mid tempo and basic with nice voice. Lyrics in weird english, cliché but sometimes feminist: cool!  pictures 12t Indonesia
_KREMLIN ‘This Fuckin’ System is still Like a Dictator’  very great punk, communist so politised with 2 singers, they are also nice and not into stalinism shit, incredible drawnings! 12t Indonesia
_LOST SIGHT ‘Times flies so Fast’ old school hc from old school hc! If they  were from the east coast they would be  famous, texts about friendships/clear spirit, like often with this music, pictures, all that look very pro,15t Indonesia 
_NOSTALGIA ‘Tetap Berdiri’ melodic punk or more old school hxc it depends, great, many songs against racism, a hot subject in their country, sometimes sung in malays. Great sound and layout with pictures 9t Malaysia
_THE MANIACS ‘Voices of the Streets’  oi! very close to last resort both for voice & sound, not as good but well very great. Many pictures, 12t Singapore
_OVERCAST ‘Boisterous Sound’ 10 titles of 77 punk a bit in the vice squad vein but more pogo, cool! Texts: they are angry after many things/people without being clear and one weird about Timor.  Indonesia
_SATELLITE ‘A Moral EP’  fast, a bit’heavy’ and screaming voice, so crust? Mini-poster, crass artwork, seems vey politised but all lyrics in indonesian, 10t Indonesia
_STRAIGHT ANSWER  ‘Straight Answer is your  old school hc with desesperate voice, like the singer which is very nice and into politics, positive/against asshole lyrics,’low’ good sound 13t Indonesia
_RENTENIR ‘Beer,Football&Ruck ‘r’Roll’  with such a title it’s oi! that I found as very great as the lyrics are bad as hell, pictures, clash cover, 13t Indonesia
_TOTAL ANARCHY ‘Natural Madness’ this tape contains 14 angry  & fast punk  songs from Indonesia. Hard to read lyrics but pessimistic for sure. Like Varukers with a more dirty sound!


_CRASHED OUT/BUG CENTRAL 5 titles each split @punk with C.O. from indonesia,  girl/boy singing, influenced by conflict without the powerfulness of the sound! very political.   B.C are english and calmer, it’s very good political punk .
_NO TO VIOLENCE/RELATIONSHIT 2 pro demos I put together, no to.. are sometimes playing very fast and are full of rage, desesperated voice,lyrics 6t, the other are more crazy, very trash and it’s screaming, great cos good melodies when we need them. 6 titles with straight answer singer.  Indonesia
_THE VIRUS/SEPTICTANK ‘usa/indonesia split release’, 5 songs for each of these punk bands with mohawks/  spikes. Good production/layout, fast punk à la casualties etc... pictures, lyrics tape  2,5 e
_STAND FOR LAST / INSIDE FRONT both are the local warzone, that’s all! They cover ‘crucified’, shit no lyrics but it seems very ‘posi-hc’, 9t Indonesia
_THE BORSTAL / SOUTHERN ROCK  ‘In the Name of Punks vol.1’ Borstal are singing like casualties and a bit slower music,politised punk. S. Rock have  more screaming voice/‘heavier’ sound but still punk. 17t Indonesia
_FISTICUFF 86 / WN A ‘In the Name of Punk vol.2’  Fisticuff are playing music à la sid vicious so old punk, Wna are fast and screamy, aggressif, pictures 17t Indonesia


_BRAIN BEVERAGES lots of different music style from Bandung city, very good youth crew style, pogo punk, ska punk and few hc with a metal touch, a great hip hop song, 23bands/titles  Indonesia
_OUTSKIRTS PUNK & SKINS ‘Street Sound of  Revolution’ fuck 30 bands! The main musical style is raw punk (cos of the sound) with very angry voice but it’s not all the same, we have oi! à la anti-heroes and ska punk. Very interesting stuff: there are bands from different indonesian parts like Bali or Aceh. Many pictures & contacts, really a great work, 30t Indonesia
_STAND STRONG STAND PROUD really good stuff not only from Asia but Brasil,U.K.,Germany,Australia too,but mainly Malaysia & Singapore. All the bands are great,80/85 punk, sometimes sounding like nervous hc or oi! There are contacts, pictures and an introduction of each bands, 15t for 9 great bands
_STILL ONE STILL PROUD Vol. 3  ’22 Bands from Jakarta Punks & Skins’  Very funny drawnings of chaos punk and great bands, street punk or fast punk, a few stuff with crusty voice. That goes straight in you but still melodic enough, 22t with anti-war/violence etc lyrics but 2/3 not interresting. Recomanded comp, Indonesia 
_STRIKE HARD ‘Kompilasi Hardcore’ well a lot of new york style=bit metal with slow tempo, but also nice punk stuff, contacts, 20t=20bands Indonesia
_THE FRONT OF UNITED here we’ve good pogo punk,we should say street pogo punk! Well ‘thought’ and excecuted, music closed to the partisans and the 6 bands are sounding the same, few songs à la new york hc, unreadable layout, 24t Indonesia
_TOGETHER AS ONE ‘8 Finest Oi! Punk Bands from Bekasi’ Once again very great bands playing fast street punk, let’s say 77 punk but more aggro, stupid lyrics but what is certain is that they love to be skinhead, good drawnings and many pictures in colour, 16t Indonesia
_UP YOURS In the Philippines there are very great stuff to, killing 85 hc,great street punk, full of rage hc, ska punk or very fast stuff. To know more about this country and the sound is great, contacts, 19t

 Yep! In Malaysia & Indonesia I saw a lot of skins with sewed flag patches on them, meanwhile the bands I’m distributing have nothing fascist contrary to their government. Rich country nationalism means invading to control, them they don’t want to be colonies again even if economically it is the case. Also don’t forget that most of south-east Asia countries are only ‘’free’ since 45 years or so...no fascists on my distro after this nationalism sucks especially the one the indonesian government has done/ do. Concerning communists ‘bands à la ‘soviet’ you should know that the parti komunist indionesia was forbidden in  1966 and half a million to 1 million of communists had been slaughtered that year. Most of the people there know very few about ommunism, leninism....one totalitarism versus another one, they just know communsit means atheism! The punk bands there seem to strive to show something more even if they are using a very provocating manner . My frinds there never told me they are assholes. For all questions concerning asian punk/hc no problem cos I am in permanent contact in a few countries but like there are hundred bands I will always be a bit ‘out’..

well a tape is around 80g (50g without the plastic box, so if you are stingy like me tell me if you want it or not), ad some extra weight for the package of course. Sometimes 2 album can be put on one tape, I can delete 1 e then

W.G.F. Label & Co-production  
(I can trade with those items)

_TAKE NO HEROES ‘International hardcore Compilation’ 10 bands 39 songs, old school but not the same all the time, from very angry to à la ignite, great sound & good layout, texts/pictures, recycled paper, with other labels like Boislève. Pointing Finger (Portugal), Only Way Out (Poland), Second Combat (Malaysia), Crickbat (spain), Feud (Philippines), Cita Attieksme (Latvia), The Mutiny (usa), Sincerity (Germany), Razlog Za (Croatia), No Violence (Brasil). Unreleased or rare tracks interpreted by bands which are unknown here but which are representing diy hxc. 71 minutes of music to travel all around the world!  Good layout for a cd which cost a lot of time and money!  6 e 
_XIOLA BLUE/ PIREXIA Ep 5 titles (help to darbouka rec.) One band from Urugay which is playing good melodic & powerful hc with a touch of emo, personal texts translated in english. Pirexia is good ska punk but very ska from Argentina and political/ poetical lyrics all in spanish.   2,5 e
_AU PIED DU MUR anarchist black cross (political prisoner) benefit  comp LP 15 bands/15 songs . Lotsa music  many french bands : P4, Kochise, Cria Cuervos, La Fraction, Sin dios...and faster stuff /bleurgh like CCFH, 20 Min. de Chaos, Phase Terminal  and other style. Huge booklet,32p a4 about the bands and the prisoners+some prisoner cases,support! 340g  6,5e

BOOTLEG  TAPE 90 min. 3 e without postage

I do them cos I don’t want some ultra good bands to disappear cos to hard to find, benefits for political stuff or far away punks who badly needs it.Booklet in english.
_OLD HC NOT FOR METALHEADS  for old school fans!  the 1er ep of Negative Approach, Negative Fx, Crippled Youth (pre-bold), Deep Wound, Upright Citizen ‘bombs of peace ep’, No For An Answer ep, F.U.’s ‘the origin...and 4 other rares stuff with one song to fill the tape up, well really the cream in this style. Lyrics when I had them and old itw and picture. 95g 
_L’ODI SOCIAL LP + 5 PUNK/HC EP  L’Odi Social was a very great @ spanish band, fast punk with very great sound. Autonomia Indigena were french and fast, a bit raw, Ataque Frontal from Peru, Revolution X from Mexico, one comp from Venezuela & one from Panama, No violence (1er ep)  Brazil. All the bands had great lyrics and did not slow hc, or punk and even ska punk. Very great documents! Small colour cover, the lyrics and the ep’s cover, 48 songs, so big booklet...  100g
_OI! PUNK LEGENDS  So we have excellent music, Decibelios with 20 songs, like 43 min, Infanterie Sauvage that you might not know but which did so raw oi! songs, in french it is still a legend, and I putted very rare songs, good sound. R.A.S. had an incredible style and antifa lyrics, so good! I.S.had a weird singer so I explain the story of it, plus I filled the tape with very good stuff hard to find. 85g 
_BENEFIT COMP FOR THE ANARCHO-PUNK FEDERATION (60min. !) 32t/14 bands, the soundtrack of the first number of the a.p.f. zine, many unknown things from asia like squad, black boots, kremlin, allnationdeath... and some known like drop dead or active minds and 2 bands from south am. introduction of the tape and the bands, colour layout, a bit expansive but doing a zine is as well so...   


_ACTIVE MINDS ‘Free to be Chained’ 20t the second LP with like everytime very fast songs and some more melodic, lyrics with explanations which are for me the best. Their sound a bit sizzling!  5,5 e
 ‘recipe for Disaster’ EP 6t, the last one with 2 diferent version of song already on other stuff.  Still very good lyrics and explanation so a lot to read for an ep   2,5 e
 ‘The National Lotta E’ EP 8t, read before for the style! 2,5 e
 ‘I’m not a Tourist  I Live here’ EP 9t with translation in several language  2,5 e
‘Dis is Getting Pathetic’ EP 8t, translations again  2,5 e
The Lunatic Have taken over Asylum’  flexi EP 5 titles  1 e
 ‘Capitalism is a Disease and Money an Addictive Drug’ EP 9 titles,the second ep  12e  
_APATIA-NO ‘hazlo tu mismo’ EP 5t, good @punk from venezuela with a good sound, not slow,many things to read in spanish cos very @ and diy. They were in Europe this spring 2002 3e
_APATIA-NO ‘creados para la paz’ EP 5t  more or less the same thing than the one reviewed before 3e
_APATIA-NO/SIN DIOS CD or EP ep 5t alwxays the same formula for apatia no but with their best sound ever and Sin Dios are a bit deceiving but it is still sin dios! 3e
_APATIA_NO 'Cuandos el Rumor es Innformacion' Ep 10 songs, the last one, still the same music with good lyrics translated and explanations about what went on in Venezuela, the coup détat and huge demonstrations. 3 e
_ASTO PITUAK CD spanish @punk with ska parts, 17 songs coming along a big booklet which is a a5 zine (all in spanish). They are involved in the spanish @ punk federation  6 e 
_ASTO PITUAK ‘Libertad Eduardo garcia! Basta de Montajes’ benefit tape, 10 titles from this political spanish punk/hc, with songs from the first album. Yes it’s a live with the rip cover, booklet. 3,5 e
_BRIGADA FLORES MAGON ‘Anges gardiens’ LP 6t very powerful music,not oi! punk or ska but a blend of this with very agggro voice. More pictures than in the cd, english translation and a poster. 6 e
_CITA ATTIEKSME ‘We are Responsible’ the 8 titles already availble on a russian comp but with a better production, very great band from Latvia sxehc, smart and original, often sung in their language, no texts and cheap layout with colour pictures but it’s on a small slovak label... cheap so get this tape 2,7 e 
_CITA ATTIEKSME ‘Katran no Muns’ 7 title CD, some musical changes, better sound, faster and more à la new york hc. Still good lyrics sung in latvian, dull layout and not expensive! 5,5 e
_COCHE BOMBA ‘95-97 da complete discography’ so 51t on CD. Several periods means several sounds but always singing and beuurgh and slow and ultra fast parts. Crazy punk crust? Obviously some songs in spanish and nice booklet with text, biography and the introduction in 3 languages and cheap 6 e
_CONFLICT ‘Standard Issue 82-87’ everybody knows but hardly find their stuff! Tape version of the album which compils 13 songs from the first period, nothing to adds this band kills 4,5 e
_DISTEMPER 'Dodpoer Yrpo!' Lp 12 songs from Moscow, sometimes ska punk sometimes ska more hc, with horns, great production. Huge booklet with translations, pictures/poster+pin! Not stupid lyrics. 7,5
_ESKUPE great ‘@ street punk’ from spain, not slow, good bass / lyrics, one way system cover. 10 song tape 2,5
_EX-CATHEDRA '2x4=' LP 12 titles, a blend of ska punk with a bit aggro voice, well done and produced. @ska-punk! With lyrics really dealing with everyday reality! British punk lovers what are you waiting for? 7e
_FAST TIME ‘Counting Down’ CD 16t + live surprises. U.s. Hc with breaks in fast parts, short songs. The female singer has a crazy screaming voice! Nice lyrics. The live has the 7 seconds cover  8 e
_GOOD CLEAN FUN ‘on the streets...’ TAPE the most known recent old school sxe from the u.s., it’s obvious that the sound and the songs are really great, funny and not serious lyrics but irony can bring good ideas! 11 blasting titles and youth brigada (ca) cover, tape like the album cover cos on refuse rec from poland 3 e
_HOLDxTRUE ‘then and Now/akkor és Most’ 6 sxe old school songs with a powerful production, melodic/fast with a desesperate voice, no homophobic lyrics but personal & clichés, pictures, hey it’s from Hungary! TAPE 3 e
_HOLDxTRUE ‘Nothing can destroy me Nothing can Stop me’ special tape edition for a festival!6 titles well made with no big changes with the other tape, more desesperate voice and lyrics straight from the title! Great music 2 e
_ILEGALITY ‘Vsetci Beru’this band is well-known in Slovakia from where they hail from, they do punk with a low sound and an angry voice, great! Lyrics in their language, many pictures along this tape, 9 titles. 3,5 e
_INFECT 'Estrepito' EP 13 songs extremely fast old school (not power violence), vegan sxe feminist from Brazil with excellent lyrics (translation). On commitment rec. 3,1 e
_KOBAYASHI 7 titles ofmelodic/sad/powerful hxc totally into that!. Tranlations in french, they don’t feel good and hate actual politics, singing in grman is one time not raw. Booklet with the TAPE in a big envelop, original  2,5 e
_NECESIDAD DE LUCHAR ‘la guerra social es inevitable’ CD 12t fast punk from Spain with a powerful sound so punk hc, but well sung! Good production and into politics, really cheap 4 e !
_ONLY WAY OUT ‘Only Way Out E.P.’ refuse rec said that this sxe band is pushing polish old school to the max meaning that the production, polish language, fastness and melodies are making this pro TAPE a great release, 16 titles, covers 7seconds and cymeon X, live tracks, contacts and they are nice! 3,7 e
_OHEISVASARA ‘vasaranmerkki’ EP 8t punk a bit crusty like they know to do it in Finland, nice female voice and personal/sad texts translated cos sung in finnish, that’s great! 1,8 e
_PURGEN 'Toxidermists of...' LP 13 songs, famous aggro punk from Moscow, great song/production, huge booklet with many translations and biography. Political text about Russia. 7,5 e
_RAZIE ‘Krutost Valky’ 14 titles of very very good punk, a bit like south american @punk but from Czech rep. Aggressif and well done, sung in czech with the lyrics, little poster and it looks political. TAPE 3,7
_RED INSECT ‘Police bastard’ à la varukers in your face! They hail from Czech rep and play punk/hc, powerful, angry and political, sung in czech, with pictures but colour zerox machine... Tape 10 titles 2,7 e
_REGRESS once again a polish sxe band, making many breaks so very nyhc / old school . The singing in polish is aggressing a lot. 12 songs with interresting lyrics about the individual place. Good layout pro TAPE 3,7 e
_SECOND AGE The Tides have Turned’ Pro K7  de refuse rec, sxe old school classic et intelligent, explication
_SEE YOU IN HELL was born from the ashes of czech crust legend mrtva bodoucnost. More chaotique with slow parts and bleurgh voice. 8 songs with very ironix lyrics. Dri cover! EP 3 e
_STRAIGHT ANSWER ‘Kami Belum Menyerah’ new and last album for this Jakarta’s ban, very great sound, good old school, ‘emotive’ (not emo!), personal lyrics against being hopeless, authority, progressing. Sometimes in indonesian.  7 t  CD  3e
_TIME X ‘Good Moves not Good Players’ new EP 8t on refuse rec, sxe vegan very political from Portugal, old school hc speed, sad and raw singing, d.y.s. cover, explanations of the lyrics which are straight in your face. One poster, a nice stuff 3e
_VARUKERS ‘Murders’ the tape version of the album, 15 titles, you know those english, if not it’s powerful punk/hc, angry, where words like destruction, death are coming a lot!  4 e
_VOLANT ‘Paramo Semtin Pervitin’ Very good czech tape, dancing punk with a saxophone à la stagge bottles! Good production, pictures, 13 long titles and lyrics in czech, for amators but stocking! 3,4 e
_WASTED ’Suppress & Restain’ pro tape with 15 finnish titles, it makes me think of rancid first stuff but rawer! Good punk with pissed off lyrics cos of people and society, good layout, good production. 3,8 e
_YA BASTA ‘Lucha y Fiesta’ 9 blokes doing ska punk with lotsa horns, red and black policies proved by the 11 songs of this well produced Cd. Very nice layout on maloka rec 8e
_ZEMEZLUC ‘4 ep 98-94’ this czech band is existing since 20 year! Good punk rock, fast or not songs, melodic and nice. A document with a good sound. Stupidity free lyrics against stupidity, sung in czech,  CD 22 titles  7 e
_ZEMEZLUC ‘Fajn Bezna Prima’ this Tape with 24 titles is a collection of songs from 87-90, before the end of red fascism there. Still punk rock but more aggressif, correct sound, no texts. What a document again ! 3 e
_ZLODZIEJE ROWEROW ‘Emo La’ CD 15t Polond, powerful sound for this technical and modern hc but absolutely not metal and slighty emo, not short songs ! Lyrics translated in 3 languages and are not stupid.. On 2 good polish labels (refuse&emancypunk)  8 e


_ANARKOPUNK ‘Kontra la pensiamento Uniko’ this benefit tape allows us to discover many great & interesting  punk/hc spanish bands, almost unknown here. Asto Pituak, Kontrakorriente, 3 de Bastos, Rabia Toxico, Ja !!!, Restons Sobres... 18 bands. Huge bootleg about the @.p.f.. and little comics for each  band lyrics 3,2 e
_ACTIVE MINDS/JESUS CROST EP 5 songs, the new act.m. with no surprise and the dutch J.C have text dealing with the rotten part of the crust scene, music close to act.m., more sung and not crust. 2,6 e
_BLOODPACT/TIME X 8 titles, bah you know that this record will soon be collector! trash old school & powerful o-s and desesperated for the portugese of Time x. Very political with explanation and good layout. 3 e
_ ESCATO/EXECRADORES/VALA NEGRA/PICHI CUERVOS comp from Brazil with a strong anarchist feeling, good booklet dealing with a libertarian association doing good work there. Bands are fast and raw with a good anarcho punk sound, a bit crust sound sometimes. Lyrics with translations,CD 27 titles, support! 5 e (cheap)

_HUMILITY AND SIMPLE...  benefit comp for a libertarian center in Malaysia with rehearsal room, library, poor people assistance... A booklet with the lyrics of the numerous bands from malaysia, argentina, estonia, japan, indonesia, england. Grunge, very good british@punk  with BUG CENTRAL / INTENSIVE CARE, crust punk with MIGRA VIOLENTA / BASQUADE INCHALA, some punk.... AR-15, PROTEST, DICKHEAD, ... exclusive distribution with around 1,5 e benefit straight to them if you buy the tape. 12 bands=27 titles  3 e
_DUNIAKU DIPERKOSA compil with only malaisian bands, KIND  and PLEA FOR PEACE are doing an excellent @ peace punk, old school with SECOND COMBAT, 76 SECONDS, FSF,  grunge for MINOR SOCIETY, INNERFALL, and others bands, 10 for 23 titres. Good layout with contacts/lyrics. 2,5 e
_POINTING FINGER/IN PIECES CD 16t, so old school really well producedt,7 titlest for the portugese less aggressive than the norvegians of in pieces which are blasting with their music à l&  à la uniform choice with (a bit) judge voice, perfect! You already read the lyrics about friendships etc  but they are not silly... 8e
_PUNK Y DESORDEN ‘Tributo al Punk Iberiko’ those who like old spanish punk have to posses this tape. Present bands like Asto Pituak, Negu Gorriak, Apurtu, Mierda... are covering Antiregimen,  Decibelios, Rip, Eskorbuto, Qloaka Letal, Ultimo Gobierno, Cicatriz.. 19 bands= 19 titles with a booklet providing infos about all bands, hence a super tape and spanish punk has always been good!  4 e
_UNDERGROUND NEPAL ep 7t with rai ko ris and inside 2 stoopid triangles, on tam 89 label once again a punk document. Inside. are doing several type of musics and Rai. are doing a long song 2,5 e
_VOICE OF THE VOICELESS ‘4 Way Split’ CD 29 titles really a very great work, Man in the Shadow  (Slovénie) does emo hc with a voice which well agressive (not emo pop!), close to Red Kedge (Singapour) musicaly. Apatia-No is a well known @punk band from Venezuela and they sound like many @ punk bands from south america! Autonomia (Peru) are doing @punk as well but musicaly it is a bit different for @punk from this part of the world! More melodic. The 4 bands have interresting lyrics,ultra d.i.y. like the label label Anak Liar from Malaysia,there is a great text about imperialism in Hc.  30g 8 e